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At the forefront of Pacific Language and Culture in Aotearoa since 1978

Tongan Tutors

Frederick Loloa ‘Alatini (BA Pac Studies, Postgrad Dip Arts, MA (Hons) – Pac Studies) 

"Hangē ha fanā fotu", (ko ha kaveinga 'oku taumama'o kā 'oku mahino 'ene 'asi)."

"Like a mast shown from afar" (Things of great worth have long-lasting value)."



Tutor: Basic and conversational.

As a New Zealand born Tongan, Loa was fluent in Tongan at a very young age, then as he slowly picked up English throughout his schooling, and opting to use English at home because of convenience, he eventually lost his language and became monolingual. With support from family and friends, Loa managed to re-learn his language again, and is now bilingual. 


Loa knows how tough it is to learn the Tongan language especially for our Aotearoa Pacific generation, but encourages students that it is never too late to learn their language and culture. 


Loa has experience in mentoring Pacific students at tertiary institutes, as well as tutoring Pacific students at High School. He has been teaching 'ulungaanga & lea faka-Tonga (Basic & Conversational Language classes) at the Pasifika Education Centre since 2013. 


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