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At the forefront of Pacific Language and Culture in Aotearoa since 1978

Samoan Tutors

Lemoa Henry Sevesi Fesulua’i (BA, GradDipTchg-Secondary)

"O le gagana ma le aganu'u - o measina mai le Atua"
"The language and culture - are treasures from God"


Basic and Conversational Samoan Tutor

Lemoa has been a Pasifika Education Centre tutor for the past three years, and enjoys teaching the Samoan Basics, Conversational and Intermediate level classes. He is from the villages of Vaimoso, Salelologa but his matai title Lemoa is from Vailoa, Palauli. 

Lemoa is a proud Samoan and learned the basics of Samoan language and culture through family upbringing and teachings as well as within his beloved Samoan Methodist Church in Otara. 

Outside of PEC Lemoa is the Samoan Language Teacher at Mangere College and Associate Dean. 

He is very passionate about the revival and maintenance of Samoan and Pasifika languages - as they are 'measina' from God. 


Jennie Tapu (BA, Dip Tch) 

"E lele le toloa ae ma'au i le vai."

"The bird flies but returns to water - refers to person always going back to support of family."  

Basic and Conversational Samoan Tutor

Jennie is passionate about Samoan language and culture. She is a Head of Department of Samoan Language at Aorere College in Mangere.

Jennie is married with 4 children and 2 beautiful grandchildren. She is involved in her local church and community.

Jenny joined PEC in 2014, she teaches Samoan basic and conversational levels in Manukau.


Musuiaigaatoa Neil Sitagata Tapu 

O le ala i le pule o le tautua."

“The way to authority is through service."

Basic and Fa’amatai Bilingual Tutor

Musuiaigaatoa was born in the United States of America and raised all his life in South Auckland. He grew up in a strong, close-knit family that valued the importance of the Samoan language and culture. 

Musu experienced many struggles growing up in South Auckland, but he owes it all to the grace of God for changing his life for the better. His life experiences have driven him to pursue a degree in Social Work, studying a Bachelor of Applied Social Work at Manukau Institute of Technology. 

He is very passionate about the Samoan language, oratory and culture. He is one of the Samoan educators for the Bilingual Fa'amatai and the Basic Introduction to the Samoan language and culture at the Pasifika Education Centre. 



Tauanu’u Sealiimalietoa Perenise Tapu
(BA, Dip.Tchg)

Ia maua le gagana ma le aganu’u fa’atino I totonu o lou siosiomaga’.
To gain culture and language comes from your environment.

Fa’amatai Bilingual and Gagana Fa’amatai Tutor
Tauanu’u has been teaching the Samoan language as a teacher in Aotearoa for more than 20 years and is Head of Department for Samoan Language at McAuley High School in Auckland. 

As a writer, composer, resource developer and contributor to NCEA Samoan levels he is sought after by tertiary and community groups for his knowledge and skills in teaching cultural protocols in the Gagana Samoa

Tauanu'u is the developer and tutor for our Fa'amatai Leadership classes at the Pasifika Education Centre. 

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Fuatino Nu'usavili

"O le Gagana ma le Aganu'u efeso'ota'i e fa'apei o le fatu ma le mafaufau i totonu o se tino soifua maloloina" (Baker and Jones: 1998)
"The language and culture are intertwined as are the heart and mind in a flourishing body" (Baker and Jones: 1998)

Basic Samoan Language Tutor
Fuatino was born and raised in Samoa, and she was fortunate to have been nurtured with and taught the Samoan language and culture. Her passion about her identity requires commitment and she is truly blessed to be who she is as a Tama'ita'i Samoa.

Fuatino has worked extensively in the Education Sector in Samoan and New Zealand for over 15 years in various roles as a teacher, Head of Department, resource developer, and mentor. Currently, she is working as a relief teacher and Samoan Language tutor at the Pasifika Education Centre.

The Pasifika Education Centre welcomed Fuatino in 2015. She teaches Basic Samoan Language and Culture in Manukau.

"O la'u gagana ma la'u aganu'u o lo'u fa'asinomaga"
"My language and culture identify who I am"

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